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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 11, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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consumed vodka and soda. three got sick. at 9:00 a.m. takeimi rao's parents tried to wake her but couldn't. >> the two girls drank a small amount of unknown liquid in a cup. it appears the mother thought it was related to food poisoning. >> reporter: they found vodka in the house. totally out of character. >> she never done that before and always told me to listen and like -- she always liked watched over me and made sure i was making the right choices. >> reporter: investigators won't have a cause of death till tests come back in a few weeks. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a fire that damaged a school was arson. flames were reported last night at skyline elementary school on christian avenue.
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north county fire authorities spokesperson says the fire was started at three different locations outside the class rooms. telephones, computers were destroyed. the class rooms were used by special ed students. the second shooting in a week. ktvu's christian has more. . >> police said the latest shooting happened long this trail. they say the 14-year-old victim was walking long this very trail with friends and a group of teens were firing a stolen hand gun. he is expected to survive but neighbors tell me that's one example of how dangerous the trail really is. >> reporter: police spent the day collecting shell casing connect would the shooting. investigators say the 14-year-
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old victim was with a group of other teens and they were drinking and firing a stolen gun. >> in the process oaf doing that on the trail behind me, our victim was shot. >> this shooting comes a week after a gunman shot and killed one. now neighbors are saying the trail has a well deserved bad reputation. >> neighborhood is fin. it's just the -- is fine. it's just the trail. >> reporter: the trail draws dangerous crowd. >> dark, don't walk the trail because it will be all kind of dudes out there. >> reporter: the shooting and attacks back to may are unrelated unrelated. >> we got people who are trying to -- who are committing crimes
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on it too. >> reporter: investigators say they will see if the boys will be charged. ktvu channel 2 news. protesters are gathering at the bart station right now. they are upset with bart police over a shooting that happened last week. ktvu's david stevenson is live with what is happening right now. >> reporter: we are going to go live to the station. platform number one, the bart platform. you see the protesters to protest the shooting of a man by two bart police officers. some of the protesters on the platform begun to -- attempt a train to move on. 100 people gathered underneath the bart station at 4:30. they are angry about the
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shooting that took place on july 3, in which one man was approached by police officers after a report of a drunken man and a lot -- the train is now taking off. carrying away some protesters who came out to vent about his death. there are a number of protesters on the train, they are marching in the station as well, perhaps heading upstairs. there is a large police presence. you can hear the chanting right now. and outside you can see a photographer county sheriff's bus that is standing by with officers awaiting to see if there will be problems. bart called this protest a security risk. we will have more and what protesters want at 5:30. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2
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news. once again, live pictures from the bart station there and you can see thereof protesters and all of the folks with the yellow vests, security and bart employees keeping an eye on things. you can hear them chanting a moment ago. everything has been peaceful so far but it looks like some of the protesters raising their fists here, some getting on to the bart train. the protesters are very upset with the shooting death of a man last week at this station, in fact, that police say the suspect was drunk and came at them with a broken bottle and carrying a knife. however, at least one eyewitness has been interviewed who said she did not think the man was lunging or running towards officers. >> the train is taking off now
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in the station down underground. we will stay on top of this. we have david stevenson at street level where you saw the bosses ready to take protesters into custody. this camera is on the bart platform. many chanting. that train just took off. here is another one coming in. we will stay on top of the scene. our crews will keep feeding us information. when we have new developments we will bring them to you. the chp closed highway 4 while police dealt with a man. officers closed all lanes in both directions dverting traffic. it started before 7:00 a.m. with a man standing on the rail of the overpass of love ridge road. at 9:30 officers took the man into custody. we called the police to ask why
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he was on the rail but they haven't called us back. >> reporter: caltrains is calling on drivers to keep its crews safe. the move over it's the law campaign. it reminds drivers to slow down and switch lanes in areas where crews are working. it has special meaning for her whose son was a caltrans employee killed in pleasanton. >> these people, as well as my son are out here to make the highway safe for us to drive on. young, as well as old, pay attention and have the greatest respect for them. >> the campaign comes after the deaths of three caltrains workers in less than two months. it continues through july 22. later this month, the on demand parking meter rates will take effect. it raises rates where availability is scarce.
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during the first phase, 30% of neighborhoods will see a 25 cents increase. 68% will stay the same or drop. >> now to washington. the president sat down with lawmakers in hopes of breaking the stalemate to raise the debt ceiling. people are digging in their heels. >> reporter: president obama speaking this morning said he will not accept a short term extension. >> we might as well do it now. pull off the bandaid. >> reporter: both sides need to come together for the good of the country. >> if we don't raise the debt ceiling and we see a crisis of confidence in the markets and suddenly interest rates are going up. >> reporter: we brought you live the president for the third time since thursday sat down with negotiators and tried
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to hash out a deal. the president wants 4 trillion in cuts along with tax increases. republicans say tax increases will not be a part of the bargain. >> last thing we should be doing right now at a time of 9.2% unemployment is enacting more government policies that will destroy jobs. >> reporter: the debt limit must be raised but gop leaders are suggesting spending cuts and the democrats are refusing to go along with it. >> reporter: the president said everyone will have to give a level. he is asking them to be flexal and telling republicans they will have to bend on taxes. coming up, tom vacar breaks down the debt ceiling. the big budget items at risk and how that could impact you. pansion plans could see
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major changes. the senate passed a bill that would bar employees from adding raises and bonuses into their pensions. the bill also prohibits double bip ins where they take another job to receive a pension and a pay check. the bill goes back to the assembly. the coast guard searched 1700 square miles to find 7 missing fisherman. the boat capsized july 3. many of the 44 people were from the bay area. one body was found on an island. the coast guard plans plans plans to fly again tomorrow. his government is still searching for the men. >> prayers are with you. keep praying. school is rallies around
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families of fisherman. students held a bake sale to raise money for the families. students wanted to help. he is always the first to help others. >> i just hope that she gets better. she is a good teacher. i will miss her a lot. >> there is another bake sale tomorrow. she posted today on facebook that they are not giving up. back now to the civic center station. breaking news. protesters inside on the platform. the folks in the yellow are bart employees. looks like shoving. ken wayne is in the station. gentleman climbing on the train. what can you see, ken? >> reporter: frank -- >> ken, can you hear us?
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go ahead if you could hear us. >> reporter: bart -- protesters -- [ chanting ] >> looks like we are having difficulty hearing ken. you can see here, the protest appears to be taking a nasty turn here. one gentleman trying to climb on the train. this group is called no justice, no bart. the two bart officers who were involved in the shooting, they want them to be charged and fired and they want the bart police force to be disbanded. this is going on during the commute. you can see that is a packed train. there is pushing and shoving going on. some of the protesters may be trying to get on to the train. >> from what we could see, there are some people inside the train yelling back at the
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protesters. this protest was to happen at the peak of the evening community. there were 80 people down there. if you have been down there, it's not a spacious area. people want to get in or out and the train isn't moving. if there is an impact to the schedule, we don't know that. things are not normal. if you have plans to travel, you may want to think about another way to get around. because there are dozens and dozens of protesters shouting, holding signs. it's hard not to notice all the people holding cameras. documenting what is happening. this train has been at a stand still. this trained with have been off by now. >> absolutely. don't know which direction the train is going in.
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someone tried to climb up, the gentleman in the jell-o vest, those are bart officers -- yellow vest, those are bart officers. there is a sheriff's department bus out front in case there are arrests. it almost looks like some of the passengers on board the bart train are upset with what is going on with the protesters who are slowing down the commute. >> a year ago we covered a lot of protests in relation to the oscar grant shooting. we saw bart make the decision to just pass the trains through the station without stopping. we are trying to get in contact with bart to see if that's a decision they make tonight with the civic center station. as of right now this train has been stopped for a number of minutes. the doors are now closing. that's an armed police officer
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right there. >> one of the top members of bart police force. looks like they got that door shut. it's hard to get a perspective on how much of the platform is taken up. there are at least 80 folks down there. these are live pictures. this is going on right now on the bart platform that civic center station, one of the busiest stations on the bart route. >> you see the buses waiting. bart made it clear saying, i am quoting, disruptive protests like this one on small platforms are against the law,. bart has made its position clear. what is happening here is against the law. from what we can see, we
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haven't seen any arrests but we have cruise inside the station, on the street level as well. we will keep watching for this. frank mentioned the one officer, the gentleman in the yellow vest, that is a person employed by bart, peace keepers, if you will, not sworn officers, their mission is to keep things quiet. and we see police officers ready for anything. we apologize for the quality of the pictures. we are shooting underground, we have crews all over. we will stay on top of this. looks like trains are stopping. if bart decides to not stop, we are trying to find that out. this train is finally on its way. if you have an option to wait to take bart tonight, you can see the situation is changing. police are ready for riot gear, looks like they are there to
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keep the peace. we haven't seen any arrests but there are people on both sides of the issue. >> looks like the police department said enough is enough. they got the train off and now there is a greater police presence on the platform. it appears there are still some protesters. i don't know what those papers are, perhaps they were handing it out, talking about their position. the position of the protesters is that the two officers involved in the deadly shooting last week, they want them to face charges and they want them to be fired and they want the bart police department to be disbanded. some protesters still chanting. holding up a picture. that was the gentleman shot and killed last week. he was drunk, he had a bottle of alcohol thatbroke and he was threatening officers with, also carrying a knife. when police responded within a
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minute there were shots fired and he was killed. >> i am getting information that one of our cruise, ken wayne, they are on board that train that has protesters on it. we have a reporter on that train. you have to think, the picture we are showing, a lot of protesters trying to make their point a lot of police to keep the peace and a lot of people who want to get home, to their jobs. we have a crew on board one of the trains that has protesters on it. as we get ken wayne's report, we will bring you that so he can tell us what is happening. again, what we see is a situation that changed since the first time. look at that. train won't stop. that's a new development. we learned from bart, according
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to that sign, trains will not be stopping at the civic center bart station. if you want to get off earlier, at powell, think about making those plans now and how you need to get back. bart made a decision, i am assuming in the name of safety -- >> we just saw another train go by in the other direction -- >> without stopping. >> this will upset their evening plans because many of them are not aware that the bart trains will keep going through. you can understand why bart is doing that because a moment ago when the train did stop it was probably there for at least 10 minutes, perhaps longer, there was pushing, shoving. one gentleman tried to climb on top of the train. one of the security workers pulled him off.
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>> there goes another train. hopefully the word will get out quickly and the commuters who need the train to get home will realize they can walk to another station, powell and the other station might be 18th and market or church and market. >> you know how we said ken wayne was on board, when the train stopped that next station, the protesters wanted to get off and get back on, not an option at this point because as of a couple minutes ago, bart made the decision not to have trains stop that civic center station. the protesters can't come back to join the larger group and thereare a lot of commuters out of luck. we are taking a look here at the map. is it powell? one -- >> powell on one side.
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16ing and mission is on the -- 16th and mission are on the other side. the two closest stations. we will take a break. we be a live camera on the bart platform, also ken wayne is on board one of the trains that some of the protesters are on. we will hear from him. david stevenson is on market street, more coverage on this coming up after this short break.
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weather is cooler than you might expect. let's go to bill martin. >> cool down around here. temperatures down quite a bit from last week when we had temperatures in the low 90s. your neighborhoods right now, concord, low clouds. you can see where the fog is lingering. towards hayward, oakland. monclar. berkeley, berkeley hills, fug. fog in daily city. and that's the story. the cool down sticks with us for a bit. the upshot to all this? i know folks aren't happy but i got to tell you, great news for firefighters because you drop the fire, getting into fire season. this type of weather pattern is what the firefighters like to see. overnight lows, 50s. fog coverage tomorrow morning,
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all counties. all nine counties, fog and low cloud. a slow born like today and temperatures tomorrow, cooler than today. fog forecast, 11:00 tonight, look at that mush, fairfield, concord, napa, everybody has fog. computer model now. tomorrow morning, it's back, where it was this morning. for whatever that is worth, drizzle as well, along the coast. fog and low clouds and drizzle. highway 1, davenport and in the afternoon a little bit of a burn off. daily city, i don't think you are seeing sunshine. pacifica, not much sunshine. 50s around the bay. you get away from the fog, berkeley hills, upper 60s and 70s towards mount diablo.
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last week 90s in this region. when i come back the forecast for your neighborhood, forecast high and we will talk about a temperature increase towards the end of the week. >> thank you. >> back live to san francisco. we have been covering the protest. david stevenson is above grund there, you have seen protesters there as well. >> reporter: that's right. what we have seen, large crowd of people trickled out of the station. there you can see a bart spokesman going down to check out the scene. within the last 5 minutes we saw a flood of people coming out of the station after bart shut down the platform because of the protest. the folks walked down the sidewalk looking to go to market street to catch bart. and a number of people expressed their anger that the protest shut down the station
5:27 pm
ark major inconvenience for travelers. a number of people are going down to the muni platform. now that station emptied out, people who were not involved in the protest. to the left of the screen, you can see a sheriff's department van. there are sheriff's deputies staning by -- standing by. bart police have been working with san francisco police and the sheriff's department, they did not know how disruptive it would be. as we saw, it was quite disruptive. forcing the shut down of the platform and allowing folks to leave the station and walk down on their commute. >> thank you. >> now down below, these are live pictures from the bart platform. you can see a bart train on the left going by without stopping. they are not allowing the trains to stop. we will show you pictures of
5:28 pm
why. you saw them live here. it was of a -- the when the protest -- when the protest was getting heated, watch the gentleman, he will climb on top of the bart train and then someone will pull him off. this bart train was stuck at that station for about 10 minutes. now they are not allowing trains to stop. we will continue to follow this live coverage, we also have a reportert on one of the trains with the protesters. back after this break. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once
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from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. we continue to follow developing news happening that
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civic center station. let's listen in here. >> okay. sounds like a police officer is making a statement to the protesters who are gathered, talking about an unlawful assembly, making official what bart earlier that this disruptive protest is illegal and the protesters will be taken way. just so you know, the most important thing is the civic center bart station is closed, trains are not stopping there. people are going to have to stop at powell or 16th street and mission because a large protest shut down the civic center bart station. people protesting the shooting of a man that happened last week. >> this is video, this gentleman climbing on top of the bart train, this is when things got the most out of hand that they have so far. some of the bart workers in the yellow vest and a police
5:32 pm
officer as well pulling him down. there was a lot of back and forth between passengers on board the train and the protesters and some protesters got on board along with ken wayne, we are waiting to hear from him. this train was the last bart train to have run through that station and stopped but it was there for so long, bart trains are no longer stopping. >> ken is one of the many reporters we have covering the story. david stevenson is on street level and i understand you have a bart spokesperson. >> reporter: yeah. i am up here with johnson, bart spokesman, he is here to talk about the activity, the closure of it the station -- of the station. >> first i want to say we are disappointed the protesters
5:33 pm
forced forced the bart police debarment to shut down this station to protect our customers, employeesployees and media and the rest of our guests. we are disappointed. the community wanted to see change in the bart police department. they presented a police -- they wanted a better police department. and we have a citizen review board now. you saw that today. real members. we will provide insights and oversights of the bart police department and a police auditor. the citizens did what they needed to do. this group ignored the citizens, society, made people walk, the elderly walk. make people suffer needlessly. this did not need to happen. and we are very disappointed because we want our customers to get where they need to be
5:34 pm
safely and on time. the citizens did the heart work to make the police department harder and the protesters don't care. >> this is a monday, 5:00, how many folks are having to get off this platform and come up and walk, how disruptive has this been in terms of numbers? >> we have tens of thousands of people coming through the stations in downtown san francisco. they knew they could disrupt service and put people at risk. for what? everybody did the hard work. we listened after the shooting and we did the hard work of putting together oversight of the police department. the police citizens worked on it. we delivered on our promise and this group out here ignored their fellow citizens and said we are going to disrupt
5:35 pm
services and make people walk. >> reporter: has this disrupted muni services -- >> yeah. muni, all the connections. people want to get home. people have doctor's appointments. people who have to make flights, they can't do that now because people decided they would put people's lives at risk and we had to may be a decision to shut down to protect the passengers. for what? for what? >> reporter: some protesters come up, what charges are you likely to file? >> number one, trespassing. i don't know what the -- the cops will have to determine that. putting our customers, the media, those who are supposed to be on the platform, at risk is illegal. and there are laws to deal with that and we will take care of that. we do not mind if people have
5:36 pm
an opinion. i am the administrator of the free speech program. they are welcome to speak their opinion in the designated areas, safe areas. but not on the platform. >> i know the platform was shut down, how long will it remain closed? >> till we can deem it safe to reopen. >> as it bean cleared? >> our number one goal is to get people to their destination on time and safely. till we can assure it's safe we won't open that station till that happens. that is our mission, provide safe transportation. at this point, i don't know when that decision will be made. it's up to the police department. they are better trained with independent oversight because of the citizens who did the
5:37 pm
hard work. >> reporter: all right. bart spokesman joining us to gib us an update. a lot of people are still coming up who were participating. we will pull some of them aside and talk to them and bring you an update. for now, reporting live on civic center plaza, david stevenson. >> can i ask you a quick question, we heard some of the protesters saying that they might march down to the powell station, have you got any indication as to what is going on? >> reporter: so far the people we saw coming up were commuters, people not involved. we are seeing a couple people who we believe were involved and we will draw them over to us. you can see to my left a picture of charles hill, the man who was shot and killed during that shooting from bart police officers. some of the protesters are standing by, looking to see
5:38 pm
whether this will march on. across the street, off to the right, there are a number of san francisco police officers standing underneath the loan sign. they have been standing by to assist bart police in case things got out of hand. this is still a bit of a fluid situation. there are a number of people standing by, police officers, couple of the protesters and we hope to get their stories as well and get back to you. >> david stevenson live in san francisco that civic center bart station. the civic center bart station is still closed down. trains aren't stopping. get on and off at powell or 16 16th street and mission. there are a lots of police officers in this area. looks like a group of people walking, we don't know if they are going to another bart
5:39 pm
station, but there is heavy police activity in the area. keep that in mind as you make your way around san francisco. right now we want to talk about other news, a man accused of steeling a picasso peacest piece made an appearance in court today. mark lugo. investigators say he walked into a weinstein gallery tuesday, took a picasso off the wall and walked away with it. witnesses led him to his arrest the next day. today his attorney down played his clients' crime. >> nobody is dead. nobody has been assaulted. this is not the crime of the
5:40 pm
century. i would also say, i expect this ketch is worth more to the weinstein gallery this week than last week. >> he will plead not guilty. tenants of an apartment sued the city to stop a massive redevelopment project. >> the people have to go through 30 years of construction. >> tenants say the plan will push the elderly out of the city. they claim super visors violated environmental rules but he said the plan is smart, transit oriented and sustainable. >> to provide lifelong leases at rent control prices to all the tenants in park merced who won't have to move. >> the 10erants trying to get a initiate to let residents vote on the project.
5:41 pm
stay with us, we have more news coming up, including how the talk of raising debt ceiling could impact you. the u.s. women's world cup victory is kicking up enthusiasm for the team, the event and the sport. coming up, you will hear from future possible stars. >> uncle sam has a credit card problem, a $100 billion a month, that story still ahead.
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. the nation could find itself in a few pinch, if the president and congress can't agree on the debt ceiling, rating agencies are expected to lower the credit rating. tom vacar explains why that could mean expensive interest rates or no credit at all. >> reporter: credit card is maxed out, problem is, uncle sam still has to pay the debt, immediately. >> reporter: if you fail the pay the cret card company cuts you off and congress refuses to raise the limit, without that jim says uncle sam will have to decide which bills he has to pay to avoid the default label.
5:45 pm
>> i think there is almost no chance the united states will default. >> in other words, uncle sam will be bonds and securities first. failure to pay those could set off a world wide collapse. >> held by money market mutual funds, requirement accounts, pension funds, held by insurance companies and also just by corporate treasurers and inve they will have to pick and choose who the too pay next. >> if we don't raise the debt ceiling we will have to reduce by $100 billion a month and that's a pretty big cut. >> reporter: who will they stiff? here are his choices. social security, 20% of the
5:46 pm
entire u.s. budget. defense, unemployment, medicare, medicaid and interest on the existing national debt. >> it would be very expensive if we default. >> reporter: that would force all lenders to charge more for all kinds of loans, homes, auto, education, all kinds of loans. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. you might say it was the header heard around the world, the goal that kept the u.s. women's soccer team in the game that world cup. >> what a play. in a heart stopping play she set a play past abbey who headed it into the goal. the u.s. went on to win in a shoot out. they now advance against france. the world cup and that win rekindled a lot of interest in
5:47 pm
women's soccer and ktvu's robert handa found a new flurry of excitement. robert? >> reporter: we are inside buck shea stadium at santa clara university. >> reporter: emma is honing her goaltending and acknowledges she is playing with more intensity, inspired by the world cup team. >> girls can do as much as boys can do. so -- and i always looked up to the women's soccer team, it was good to see they are doing good. >> reporter: that includes a good win over brazil and many say it was the triumph in 1999 that led to a boom in girls
5:48 pm
playing soccer. but she says girl's soccer could use the boost. >> when the women's soccer league was dispanted -- people probably don't know all the team players. >> reporter: he agrees. the manager are kids love sockers. >> we will get a good turn out. good significant jump. maybe 20% girls that never kicked a ball. might be interested now. >> with a positive attitude. >> people like -- i like it when the girls do good. >> reporter: the girls we talked to will fit the world cup game around their schedule. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a new report is calling on
5:49 pm
the fairgrounds to capitalize on its proximity to six flags. six flags is across from the fare grounds. vallejo and salono county commissioned a firm to look into the best future uses. the report recommends leaders investigate if a new park, six flags expansion are appropriate for the location. fans of yosemite launched a petition drive to protest a hiking permit system. the group wants to end a program that limits the number of people hiking to 300 a day. the park service says it has gotten crowded and dangerous. let's talk about the weather, overcast, seemed like it was going to start raining. >> there was drizzle, almost
5:50 pm
rain, especially by half moon bay. looks like we will get another shot at drizzle tonight. here we go. a bunch of fog. to san francisco, you can see the fog, south on market, westside of the bay bridge, across into berkeley. fog is the story the next couple of days. lower fire danger. this type of pattern, not just today but most of this week is good news for firefighters. morning drizzle tomorrow. mild to cool temperatures. no more 90s. lots of 70s. maybe a low 80s. most of us in the 70s tomorrow. san jose, downtown, low clouds when you wake up. temperatures rise into the low 70s for san jose and that's where most of us will be. inland, you will find temperatures touching on the upper 70s.
5:51 pm
low 80s. look where they are, hillsburg, vacaville. cool sea breeze, cool fog impacting tomorrow's highs. the story not just for tomorrow but most of this week, wednesday and thursday, temperatures trending down. numbers dropping off since the weekend. 73 napa. 77 fairfield. 78 antioch. highs for tuesday, below average. for tuesday delivering really nice air quality. five-day forecast, weekend coming into view, temperatures in the high and just into the 70s. saturday, sunday, they pop back up into the low 80s. crizful the morning community. >> thank you. busy day that international
5:52 pm
-- that international space station, why they are breathing a sigh of relief. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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hello parents, it's going to be your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need: running shoes, t-shirts, tube socks, fruit cups, cheese sticks, energy bars, rope climbing gloves, rope burn ointment, and a jump drive. not sure what that is, but they're gonna be jumpin'. school takes a lot. target has it all. . thousands of cisco employees may be out of a job. a report says th-- the company could lay off up to 5,000 employees next month. the cuts would reluce their
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expenses by a billion dollars a year. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis had little time to spare on their final mission to the international space station. it was a day of hard work and good news. sandy thanks mission control for the wake up song and as she predicted it was a busy day. they attached a new module to the station's mode and started off loading more than 9400 pounds of equipment and supplies. the crew also was able to breathe relief, nasa determined some space debris nearing the space station is no longer a threat. >> 18-kilometers, which is well outside our action block. so we are not going to take action and move out of the way of the debris, it should clear tomorrow with 93 issue. >> tomorrow the crew of the space shuttle atlantis will
5:56 pm
perform a space walk. today nasa extended the mission of space shuttle atlantis by one day to allow them to unpact more items. they are scheduled to come home july 21. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, we will stay on top of developing news we have been following. these pictures, they are at the civic center bart station. you see this man climbing on top of one of the bart trains. he is pulled x bart workers. bart made the decision to shut down the civic center station. trains are not stopping there and we just learned muni is not stopping at civic center either. we have reporters on the scene, we will bring you the latest as we get it next on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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5:58 pm
. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. more on the developing situation going on right now in san francisco as chaos erupted inside the civic center bart station. you saw it liveright here. protesters are angry over a
5:59 pm
deadly shooting by bart police. we have been showing the protest. demonstrators crawled on to the platform. one man crawled on to a train. >> this unfolded live right here on ktvu channel 2 news. we are there live on the bart platform. >> the protest moved above ground. let's go to ktvu's david stevenson, he is outside the civic center bart station which is still shut down. >> -look behind me, you can see down the street when this muni bus was assigned police officers. moments ago we saw a fleet of police cars, bomb squad car going down market street, powell station where we understand a number of protesters marked because of the death of this man, you can see his picture posted down outside the


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